Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Con is on

After many years of going to the SanDiego Comic-Con, and wondering what it would be like to be on the other side of the booths, this year I'll finally get to know. I will be sharing a booth with a few friends of mine and I will be selling a book, as well as prints and maybe even t-shirts.
The book will be entitled "sugarhoneyicedtea vol. 1". It will be 50+ pages of full color art. I've been hard at work on this for months, working mostly way into the middle of the night most days of the week. But I'm almost finished so I thought I'd post a few images. I'll post more soon, and leave all of the Comic-Con info up.



applevenusian said...

congrats Brett! and extra kudos to Jen for letting you stay up late - I know what that's like! :)


Doomsday said...

Phuckin' amazing!!!

paige said...

YAY!! Awesome work, Brent!
Good luck with the book...I'll be looking to get my hands on one at the Con.

ALSO, great seeing you, Jen and Jack at dim sum this morning!

Anonymous said...

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castro said...

kick ass, Brent! Can't wait for the book.