Thursday, August 24, 2006

Tha Ladies, Tha Ladies

What's a post on the internet without pics of ladies? Here are a few designs I did over the last year or so.



Little Man

Just a little guy.


Game Characters

I work in the games industry. I've been animating and designing characters for video games for over 13 years. Although I mostly work in 3D now...for a time I did a lot of 2D animation and designing. These two designs weren't for any game actually...but after designing them I realized that they easily could have been.



This was a design I did a while ago. The idea popped in my head to do a take on an old mythological creature...this was the first one I did.


Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Modern Man

Here's an image I made for my avatar...just needed to post it here first.
It also was part of a t-shirt comp I did...I stripped out the other parts and just left the retro looking guy here.


1st pic on the Blog

Just wanted to have something to show here...I'll be adding more as the days go by. It's called CycleBot...for obvious reasons. I did it originally as a design for a t-shirt. I still have thoughts of starting a t-shirt line at some point but I've put those aside for the time being to focus just on creating designs. If they go in a book or on a shirt...or just on this blog, at least I'm still creating and moving forward.


Attack of the Blogs!!!!

I've joined the maddening herd of geeks running for the blogs.
I will soon dismantle my website that I've had for years:
I was plenty happy with it...but I was ulimately too lazy of late to keep it properly updated. So here's the new site...a free blog, with default template designs. Technology rocks for the sometimes lazy!! Now I can focus back on doing more character designs, making a book, of short film perhaps. Who knows...but it's here...and now so are you.